ARPG - Team Lead

This ARPG is quite similar to the other, earlier ARPG. The main difference is that Tommy was the project lead for this new iteration. Being unable to continue working on the original ARPG due to team members leaving, or not being in the same class, Tommy decided to recreate the original project. He lead a group of six programmers and artists to refine, remake, and expand upon the original game's concepts.

Tommy's main responsibilities as team lead:

  • Communicate with, and assign work to the team's programmers and artists.
  • Ensure that assigned work is being completed in a timely fashion, and reassign work if necessary.
  • Guide, and teach each team member individually given his or her skills and abilities.
  • Give presentations of the project to students, teachers, and members of the administration.
  • "Pick up the slack" where needed.

Tommy primarily worked on:

  • Game design
  • Level design
  • Player attacks and movement
  • Enemy AI
  • RPG elements
  • HUD and UI

Code Examples

Player controller event tick. Check if clicked object is an enemy, and attack if in range, otherwise, move there.

Part 1 of modified player movement. Translates mouse's screen X and Y to scale values (-1 through 1) and sends them to player character.

Part 2 of modified player movement. Calculates distance between mouse click's coordinates and player location, and uses passed scale values to move the player character. The end result is a similar movement style to a touchscreen joystick, including a joystick dead-zone, only applied to a mouse.

Player's level up function.