VR Battleship

This VR Battleship game was created as a group project. This project combines the classic game of Battleship with the sandbag-tossing game, Cornhole and puts it into VR. Like a standard game of Battleship, the player has a series of warships, and places them on his game board. The enemy AI chooses a game board and randomizes its ship positions. Once the game starts the player, instead of throwing sandbags at a single hole in a board, tosses balls at a 10x10 "peg board" which represents the enemy's game board. Though, the turn system wasn't completed, all other primary systems, including VR interaction, are in place.

Code Examples

Grid creation and translation

The random rotate function for the enemy grid. Randomly rotates the pre-designed enemy ship position array, allowing for up to eight new variants for each enemy ship array.